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It is not just women who love Ms. Principe's lovely glasswork -- men do, too. That would be me.{:^) I have purchased a number of pieces from her over the years, then proceeded to give them to other soul-satisfied recipients (women). In other words, her creations make wonderful gifts, for whatever occasion. For any man looking to please a woman with a gift (or just to please himself), he cannot go wrong with that little something from Ms. Principe's bright and colorful imagination.
Tommy Kelly - 10 Feb 2017
I have given the pocket glass vases as gifts and they have been received with much enthusiasm. I love the one of a kind design and the very reasonable price. In my home, I enjoy the woven red glass bowl that so beautifully displays lemons. I love Sue's imaginative designs.
Louise Moises - 9 Feb 2017
I just knew I would never find the perfect coffee table coasters to match a focal point vase. I have them now. Sue's artistic and discerning eye found exactly the perfect colors and design. I couldn't be more satisfied and happy. Louisiana
Cindy K - 9 Feb 2017
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